Pedal MCR Fundraiser: Reggae + Roller Racing Results

In the basement of The Okasional Cafe in Fallowfield in Manchester we set up our rig whilst the soundsystem was also being built around us.

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Everyone was already getting into the competitive spirit in the first round

Jp (23.818) Vs Harry (24.313)

Robbie (25.349) Vs Adam (26.307)

Will (23.554) vs Elliot (24.841)

Dennis (25.311) vs Penny (27.095)

Styx (30.347) vs Glen (24.306)

Scott (22.817) vs JD Rockafella (29.858)

Glen (24.081) vs Rich (25.333)

Callum vs Kieren

Ol (27.103) Vs Tom (25.064)

Round 2 (winners + fastest times)

Elliot (25.059) vs Harry  (25.059)

JP (24.308) vs Robbie (26.596)

Glen (24.3) vs Keiren (25.553)

Will (24.815) vs Scott (22.825)

Tom (24.818) vs Dennis (27.311)

Rich (23.079) vs Paul S (37.375)

Semi Final

JP (23.051) vs Glen (23.550)

Scott (22.815) vs Tom (24.820)

Rich (22.295) vs Elliot (25.296)

Final over 1000m

Rich vs Scott


Beanie (28.836) vs Jenn (33.088)

Mens Placing:

1st Scott

2nd Rich

3rd JP

Special Prize: Tom

Thanks to everyone that took part and props to Jenn and Robbie for helping with the event. Big up to Elliot and Lyndon for playing some awesome tunes.

Times throughout the night (in order of fastest)

Rich (22.295)

Scott (22.815)

Scott (22.817)

Scott (22.825)

JP (23.051)

Rich (23.079)

Glen (23.550)

Will (23.554)

Jp (23.818)

Glen (24.081)

Glen (24.3)

Glen (24.306)

JP (24.308)

Harry (24.313)

Will (24.815)

Tom (24.818)

Tom (24.820)

Elliot (24.841)

Elliot (25.059)

Tom (25.064)

Elliot (25.296)

Dennis (25.311)

Rich (25.333)

Robbie (25.349)

Keiren (25.553)

Adam (26.307)

Robbie (26.596)

Penny (27.095)

Ol (27.103)

Dennis (27.311)

Beanie (28.836)

JD 29.858

Styx (30.347)

Jenn (33.088)


Pedal MCR Fundraiser: Reggae + Roller Racing

Friday 4th November
Okasional Cafe, 362 Wilmslow Rd, directly opposite the Ram & Shackle pub in
Fallowfield, a large red brick building with a ramp up to the front door.

Register at 7pm for Roller Racing
Great Northern Rollers legendary roller racing rig shall be set up for riders to race side by side on track bikes on state of the art Kreitler rollers.

Prepare for blood, sweat and tears as we gear up for Hipsters vs Punks. Who are you gonna race for?

The electric atmosphere of the racing is incredible to watch so if you don’t fancy having a go, come along and cheer for your fave!

+ Come and dance your little socks off to Reggae and steppas til 3am

Pedal MCR Opening Event

We set up our rig in the new Pedal MCR workshop, a community bike project that doea Earn A Bike schemes, bike maintenance classes, Tool Club and loads of other bicycle education activities that suit people with smaller pockets.

Though most of the riders had not long since raced an alleycat they gave it their all. Sweat, blood and beers all night as in twos the racers battled it out.

1st Chicken

2nd Dickson

3rd Paul

With a special prize to Beanie for having the fastest wimmin’s time.

After a day packed with racing, bike games, eating, chilling, workshops and much more we sat down to watch bike movies together. What an awesome day. Thanks to everyone that made it happen.

I Bike MCR Festival 2011

This year we held our roller racing event for the I Bike MCR Festival at a beautiful new bar in the city called The Gaslamp. The participants were regular faces at I Bike MCR events, with from the fixed gear, critical mass, road riding, track scenes as well as commuters. A fantastic mix of lovely people.

Winners of each race went on to the next round, whilst losers were dropped. People were already taking things pretty seriously in the first round and getting really fantastic times, throughout the night the speeds increased with unexpected contestants giving more experienced riders a real run for their money.

1st Lyndsay
2nd Zoe

1st Dane
2nd Paul Barry
3rd Oli Lougheed

Thanks to everyone that came along

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Videos of BFF Liverpool

The good guys at Brother Cycles have posted up a report of the event including videos of a qualifier

BFF Liverpool x Great Northern Rollers – Wlll loses from Brother Cycles on Vimeo.

and the final that was raced over a kilo:

BFF Liverpool x Great Northern Rollers Final from Brother Cycles on Vimeo.

Also, it is really really worth watching this: just for laughs, like.
Cheers Brothers

Great Northern Rollers at the BFF Liverpool

On Friday, GNR made the short trip down the M62 to Liverpool for the opening party for the BFF’s first foray into the North of England.

The event kicked off at the Kazimier after some films were shown and Fixed Gear Trick competitions were held at FACT.

This being the first time a Roller Racing Night has been held in Liverpool, the audience was MEGA excited and enthusiastic and, led by the guys from Liverpool Track Skwad , a night of fantastic Roller Racing went down on our Revolution Track Bikes accompanied by brilliant DJs, a bicycle friendly band and a loud and enthusiastic crowd.

Some incredibly close and exciting racing brought these results:


1 Harry P
2 Chickin
3 Rich ‘Swandive’ Martins


1. Jen
2. Heather
3. Sara

A special mention has to go to Laura from the BFF, Heather from FACT and the brilliant folks at Brother Cycles who it was a pleasure to meet and sponsored the event, hope to see you guys soon.

What a great night! We LOVE Liverpool and can’t wait to come back!

GNR at I Bike MCR Fest #5

Wednesday 13th April

Roller Racing with Great Northern Rollers. 7pm The Gaslamp, 50a Bridge Street, M3 3BW.

Static bike racing competition, lots of fun for riders and spectators.

2 track bikes on rollers are clamped to the ground whilst riders sprint head to head over 500m (same distance as 2 laps of mcr velodrome). We project the riders progress as a clockface behind the competitors as they sweat it out.

Mens and Womens categories.

Amazing prizes to be won!

£3 entry to race (donation to I Bike MCR)